Best Horror Games for Android

Top 10 Horror Games for Android to Play

In the past, I use to write many articles on different categories of Android games. During those days, though there were few good games in the horror category they were not very famous. But now there is a drastic development after the arrival of Virtual Reality technology and some new spree of games. A few best horror games for Android are here for you to play.

Best Horror Games for Android

Best Horror Games for Android

Few best games are listed below. Share your experience after your play!

Eyes – The Game

The name by itself says it is one of the best Android Horror with impressive graphics and different missions. In this game, you have to survive in the building, find the valuable things and escape from the ghost. To get a feel of the game play it in a dark room with your headphones. It is easy to play and more than 10 million downloads are available including paid version.

Another World

It is an upgrade version to the epic entertainment from the early 1990’s.  This play is all about a scientist who is lost in another world and trying to find the way home by escaping from the wolf monster and solving different puzzles quick and correct.

another world

Though it does not sound like a horror game, the atmosphere and the tension till the completion of the game is too scary. It can be purchased at $3.99 with no in-app purchases.

Five Night at Freddy’s

This is one of the most popular horror games which are available in all type of android phones. You have to just sit and watch out for all the living robots. Jump scare technique is used where they will try to kill you by scaring, surprising or frightening with a loud sound.

Five Night at Freddy's

There are a total of five games with varying mechanics and with a lot of fresh content, healthy amount of lore and an excellent story. Survival is the fittest concept will make us to win the game. This series consists of more than five titles, free and paid.

Dead Effect 2

Dead Effect 2

This science-fiction shooting game with pretty good graphics is played with three characters out of which you play one role. It features tonnes of alien bad guys, dark atmosphere and a 20 hour campaign mode where you have to play moving up the level finding better weapons and defeat the bad guys. When used with NVidia Shield device, the game is extraordinarily attractive which gives a creepy feeling when fear speaks out. It is available free on Play Store.


This latest horror game comes in top 10 because of its hand-drawn graphics and simple premise. You can learn the game in fraction of a second; it creep you along with the story line with very minimal controls and not based on any other classic horror elements like jump scares. You can finish the game in few hours as it is kept short. Distraint bills itself as a psychological horror game with a free version and a paid one for $1.49.



This game is easily depicted by the logo itself and is said to be one of the best horror games which is believed to be a little short to play. This superb game has monochrome, minimalist kind of graphics which also features auto-save, achievement stats and more. Limbo is all about a boy searching for his lost sister by solving puzzles; avoid bad guys through plenty of traps which get you scary. It is available in Google Pay Store at $4.99.

Amnesia: The Abandoned School

This monotonous survival horror game frightens you if it is played with headphones as its music and realistic visuals can really get some chills down on your back. This game is all about a school boy wishing to solve the mystery behind the suspicious deaths of both his girlfriend and brother. He explores the classrooms, interact with objects, solve puzzles and find the shocking truth about all the memories connected with the abandoned school. It is too scary if you keep on wandering around the school corridors. You can tilt or shake your phone to remove the obstacles by using the Android device’s magnetic sensor which is the best feature.

Forest 2

This android horror game is another promising extravagant game with over 5 million downloads. The game is all about defeating and finds the way to banish the white ghost using freaky scary black hairs. Stay calm, quiet and hide to escape from the ghost as every small movement brings the ghost towards you. The horrifying graphics with forest atmosphere and horror sound is fantastic.

The Walking Dead Series

The collection series developed by Telltale Games is based on the popular comic book horror series and TV show with the same name.  There are a total of four games where you will play through five episodes in each and try to survive the zombie apocalypse, crazy people, and other obstacles. The game is full of adventure, puzzle, hidden objects and more which is more entertaining than scaring. While downloading the title will give the first chapter of the game and the four remaining sections in each game can be purchased with in-app purchases.


octave game

The new and different type of horror game Octave is moving up in the charts as the storyline is enjoyable and creepy. You play the role of a boy who is in wrong place at the wrong time and forcefully pulled into a different world where everything is weird, scary and creepy and you have to run a lot. Apart from the horror part, this is also a puzzle with hidden object elements. This game is available at $1.99, and has no in-app purchases.

Best Free Steam games

9 best free steam games

Everyone goes through the phase when they are extremely bored and they don’t have enough cash to keep them entertained. And if you are one among them, then this is the time you should start looking into the Steam games. These are some of the best steam games available for free and are something you shouldn’t wait to play them.

Best Free Steam games

Listed below are not just the best games but are very much worth your time and money. These are games just waiting for gamers like you.

Best Free Steam games

  1. Gigantic

Bring in a mix of MOBA and the hero shooter games and you have Gigantic. The game can have five players at any time and with the kind of flash you cannot get a much better game than this. You have a guardian whom you need to boost up and ensure that he is powered enough to take on your enemies.


The Guardian is considered to be the hero in this game and is also the reason for the beast of the enemy. The visuals are impressive and so are the features. And the guardian is an admirable griffin that you cannot fail falling in love with. Each and every character in the game has been sculpted with more care and has a unique appeal which adds on to the appeal of the game.

  1. ArcheAge

At the beginning, you have the archetypal quests and other conventional adventures in fantasy land. As you go forward in the game you start encountering a different scenario placed against a sea side backdrop. Then you have to move through the game on a boat which will either make you the winner with lots of wealth or get you a meeting with unfriendly pirates. Of course the choice is completely in your hands.


Aligning with the whims and wishes of explorers and merchants, the game lives up to be a fantastic MMO! With every level, the game keeps growing exciting and more ambitious. And with the latest update, you have the option to go beyond the 55th level. Your skills keep improving with your learning and the three new zones add onto the excitement. There is also high tide to ride the wave of fun.

  1. Duelyst

PC games are finding the card games to be the most used among the many different games. And this game is quite similar to your traditional game of cards. You can call this as a combination of the games like mg and hearthstone which are famous card drawing games. There is a slight twist added to make the game more fun. As you play a card, a character representing the card appears on the screen, quite similar to a chess game.

You can move these characters in any way to get the enemies out. There are no difficult rules and it is quite easy to make a win from the game.

  1. Warface

There are co-op and versus match in this game where you will be playing a combination of a coated shooter game where you have to tackle your opponents with your best skills.  The game comes with different modes for playing and each of the modes help you to improve the strategy for working in a team.

The game mode for multiple players keeps changing with every day. There is nothing that you need to pay for playing this game and yet you are guaranteed to get the best gaming time ever.

  1. Skyforge

You can say that this is where the games of science fiction and the games on fantasy meet up. All you need to do is get yourself loaded with more powers so that you can become the deity. Compared to the other free games on Steam, this game provides you with action without any end and that is what makes it more exciting too.

There is absolute freedom to play and the XP and your progressive statistics is what decides your move up the levels. And you have to clear every class to unlock the twelve class set in this game.

  1. Neverwinter

A wonderful version of the most sought RPG mode game, this one takes you on an adventure trip to forbidden realms. You will be fighting against goblins, kobolds and creatures that are downright nasty and dirty. There is lot of combat involved in this game and of course you will be exploring a particular skill set. The game is a world that is waiting to be explored and have fun in.

While the game itself is free, there are purchases that you can make in-app. Again that is a choice that you have to make and is not mandatory. The frequent embedding expansions makes way for more excitement and twists in the game as you play.

  1. Star trek online

Imagine setting out into the vast space with your own space ship and crew and have the best sci-fi adventure you can ever dream of. That is exactly what you get with the Star trek online. The game gets updated very often changing the number of levels with each update. There are elaborated episodes and seasonal events to make the game more happening.

With every minute, you will see that the galaxy changes and with each change you see different changes. If you are looking for a free sci-fi adventure then this game definitely gives it to you in loads, but there are also in-app buys that can help to up the game even more than the normal standard. Just get the joysticks out and enjoy the ride into the space.

  1. Paladins

It is the come together of a shooter hero with the simulator of a giant spaceship. There is also a flavor of MOBA added to this game so that you are the hero and you have the control using the keys on your hand and make the game go in your preferred direction.

The keys that are given to you make more control points and to get the engine lying right in the eyes of the enemy fortress. You can easily improve your chances and rise to the level of champions with this game.

  1. SMITE

The game has different twists that make you want for more. You have a religion and you have the control for your gods in your hands. The camera will be running behind these gods, letting you know on the direction and the path they take. Being a 5v5 game is one of the biggest aspects of this modern and yet conventional game.

smite game

There are a lot of differences and aspects to this game which make it more interesting and endearing and there are arenas that light up for death matches. In terms of valleys, lanes and creeps, you might find it to be quite a cliché. A look into the guide for beginners on SMITE will help you to know how to completely take care of the gods in the game.

These steam games are amongst the best of the lot and they definitely take you on a fantastic journey of excitement and fun like never before.